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Drenge – Drenge

Artist Drenge
Album Drenge
Release date 19th August 2013

Track listing
1. People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck
2. Dogmeat
3. I Want to Break You in Half
4. Bloodsports
5. Backwaters
6. Gun Crazy
7. Face Like a Skull
8. I Don’t Want to Make Love to You
9. Nothing
10. Bye Bye Bao Bao
11. Let’s Pretend
12. Fuckabout

Artist Background
Drenge are an English Blue Rock band from Castleton in Derbyshire, UK. They are made up of two brothers Eoin and Rory Loveloss – the elder brother Eoin is the guitarist and singer, whilst younger brother Rory handles the drumming duties. Their debut album ‘Drenge’ was released on Infectious records in August and was preceded by singles ‘Bloodsports’ and ‘Backwaters’ – whilst ‘Face Like a Skull’ came out shortly after the new album release. The band played at Glastonbury and Leeds/Reading this summer and have just appeared on Jools Hollands’ BBC Two music show. Another big shot in the arm for them came from an unusual source – Labour MP Tom Watson mentioned them as a ‘great band’ in his resignation letter earlier this summer!


Album review
It is not always a delight listening to new music – sometimes it can be a bit of an effort and all you want to do is put Definitely Maybe on and have a cup of tea (is new music blog getting old?) – however stop the press as Drenge are simply amazing. This might be a bit of a spolier for this new album review but yes we can exclusively reveal that it is brilliant and you should go out and buy it/download it/steal it immediately. It roars into life with ‘People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck’ – which as well as having one of the best song titles of 2013 gives an insight of the raw power and ability of this band, with a thunderous drum beat and screaming guitars, this is a great announcement to start of this record. In fact each of the first four tracks are all under two and a half minutes long – ‘Bloodsports’ is simply a brilliant singalong romp.


So an impressive start to this latest music release, but can they keep it up? There have been many debut albums in the past that have set a racing pace and been unable to keep it up. Fear not as Drenge are not about to do that to us! ‘Backwaters’ is a slightly more thoughtful effort but still maintains the core that makes this album so great, it has a slightly slower pace but does allow drummer Rory to show off a range that belies his age. ‘Face Like a Skull’ has been released as a single and it’s clear to see why – SINGS Everything I do seems like I’m trying to be rude and everything I say is always taken the wrong way – very strong if youthful lyrics.

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