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Jake Bugg returns with a new single and new album details

Everyone’s favourite miserable Nottingham teenager Jake Bugg is back already with details of a new album release! Despite only releasing his debut record in October 2012 (reviewed here LINK) he has returned with a brand new single “What doesn’t kill you” (video below) and details of a new album “Shangri La” – named after producer Rick Rubin’s studio in Malibu where Bugg recorded the album. The album will be released on November 18th, so only a mere eighteen months after his debut. The single appears to mark a slight change in style from Bugg with a more electric almost upbeat feel to it, we look forward to doing a new music blog album review in November! Bugg also heads out on a sold out tour where he will no doubt do a bit of a preview to the the new record, he is playing Birmingham 02 academy and Liverpool Cavern amongst others. “What doesn’t kill you” is available on itunes now and Bugg states in the video that the message is ‘more bold’ – enjoyable stuff.

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