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The Killers – Shot At The Night

The Killers recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their first gig outside of North America – where they appeared fourth on the bill in Camden, playing just six songs. Ten Years on, they have sold over 200 million records, recorded four studio albums and headlined Wembley Stadium. So much success that they have planned a new album release which will be a greatest hits collection plus two unheard songs, the record will be called ‘Direct Hits’. Give the track a listen below and agree with new music blog that it is classic The Killers – 80s power pop – with a roaring chorus as Brandon screams Give me a shot at the night. The song was written with M83′s Anthony Gonzalez which is obvious from the synthesizer heavy sound which The Killers have been slowly moving away from. No signs of any new records just yet from the boys but we’re excited to give their hits album a heavy listen and do a new album review.

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