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Latest Sounds – Band Focus – Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts are an American punk rock band – now at New Music Blog we don’t normally go in for punk rock, but this band caught our ear a couple of weeks ago so we didn’t to go against the grain and give them a listen. They have actually been around a couple of years but their formal debut album was released in 2012 before being re-released by a different label this year – their debut new album release is called “Light Up Gold” and was pretty well received in the media. The band are made up of Andrew Savage (lead vocals, guitar), Austin Brown (guitar), Sean Yanton (bass) and Max Savage (drums).


“Stoned and Starving” is one of their more accessible tracks and we’ve had it on heavy rotation on the stereo since hearing about them. The problem being when you hear that a bad is “punk” it automatically gives you an indication of their sound, and in Parquet Courts terms that is not an accurate indication. Their music is melodic and lyrically impressive – two things that you maybe wouldn’t necessarily associate with punk, anyway we feel they are certainly worth a listen, so check them out below and drop us a line if you think we’re on the right track.

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