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Latest Sounds – The Killers – Just Another Girl

So, The Killers have been pretty busy in 2013, they started off the year touring Asia and the Middle East – completing the long tour they had planned for fourth album “Battle Born”. Their focus halfway through this year shifted to a greatest hits album “Direct Hits” – it may seem to some that it way too early in their career to be releasing a greatest hits compilation, which is probably a fair comment although singer Brandon Flowers said “This record feels like a great way to clean everything up and move onto the next thing.”. And at least the compilation features two new songs with “Shot at the Night” released earlier this year and “Just Another Girl” appearing last week.


You can listen to “Just Another Girl” below and it is quite a laid back track for The Killers, much less electronic than some of their songs. “Direct Hits” has been released today (Mon 11th November) and features all the classic The Killers songs that you would expect: Mr Brightside, Somebody Told Me, When We Were Young and Read My Mind. Although it does not feature Jenny Was a Friend of Mine – which is a big omission in some people’s eyes – however this is an excellent looking compilation and hopefully the band can now move on and concentrate on a new album release.

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