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Latest Sounds – Mogwai Remurdered

Studio album number eight is on the way from everyone’s favourite post-rock Scots – Mogwai. Their last “proper” release was in February 2011 with “Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will (Music For a Forgotten Future)” – which entered the UK album charts at number 25, since then there has been a remix album and some soundtrack work before the announcement of a new album release – “Rave Tapes” will be released 20th January 2014 via their own label Rock Action Records. “Remurdered” is the first preview of the record and at six and a half minutes long is classically inline with what you would expect from this excellent band. The album is available for pre-order now and Mogwai have confirmed the tracklisting as:
1. Heard About You Last night
2. Simon Ferocious
3. Remurdered
4. Hexon Bogon
5. Repelish
6. Master Card
7. Deesh
8. Blues Hour
9. No Medicine For Regret
10. The Lord Is Out Of Control
Have a listen to Remurdered below and give yourself a taster for the new record – we look forward to do a Mogwai new album review in January.

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