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New Music Blog News – Week 40 – Beck, Fleetwood Mac and RY X

New Song: Beck – Gimme
Mr Beck is back! It has been five years since his last proper studio new album release – ‘Modern Guilt’ in 2008 – but there have been rumours abound that he has two new records in the bag ready for release. One is a follow up to ‘Modern Guilt’ and the other is said to be a self-contained acoustic effort – he has released three singles this year, with “Defriended” and “I won’t be Long” the first two and just making it’s way out there is his latest music release ‘Gimme’. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think of it, it certainly has an experimental feel to it – but that is surely no surprise with the man Beck at the helm, famed for his experimental style – ‘Gimme’ certainly delves around and mixes the styles!

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