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Soundtrack (revisit) – Official record store chart – Drowners

Submarine Soundtrack (revisit)
So, Submarine the film came out three years ago so can’t really be classed as New Music – but here on the blog we’re never afraid to take a look back and enjoy something that was maybe a little bit overlooked at the time. The film was directed by Richard Ayoade (most famous for IT Crowd) and tells the tale of young love and infatuation. Anyway this is of course a music blog not a film one, but it is an excellent movie and certainly worth checking out, but if you’re not the movie type then check out the soundtrack – it is written and recorded by Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and features six acoustic tracks – marking his first ever release as a solo artist. He has since no doubt been too busy with the Monkeys to commit to any other solo work, but get involved with Submarine and you won’t regret it!


Official record store chart
Now we take a quick look at the Official Record Store Album charts and top ten has a very interesting look to it, at number nine is “Sick Octave” by Young Knives, their recently released and crowdfunded album – the English indie rockers are not really on the new music blog radar but we might have to take a listen. James Arthur the winner of last years X factor is in at number eight with his debut album – probably not doing as well as he would’ve liked. Arctic Monkeys are still clinging onto the top five position with the excellent “AM” and at number three is another interesting looking band “Antiphon” by Midlake – who describe themselves as being closer to Radiohead than Jethro Tull! Finally the in top two positions – Reflektor by Arcade Fire and at number one is everyone’s favourite maniac Eminem with “Marshall Mathers LP 2″.


Drowners – Luv hold me down
Not to be confused with Swedish power pop The Drowners (which we might of done!), Drowners are instead New York newest hopefuls, have a listen to “Luv, Hold Me Down” and it is fairly clear to see where The Strokes influence has come from. With a lead singer who looks like a male model and wears skinny jeans the comparisons couldn’t be bolder! They have been touring their native USA pretty hard with their own brand of guitar pop and judging from the single they have much more to give. They have also recently been supporting Arctic Monkeys on their USA tour – which can only be good for their exposure. Their debut new album release will be “Drowners” and out on 28th January 2014 – Drowners are one to keep an ear out for.

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